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Stay independent longer with a stair lift from Acorn

ACORN BVBA in Strombeek-Bever (near Brussels) specialises in the production and sale of stair lifts. For persons who have difficulty taking the stairs, this is THE solution to continue living independently for longer.


Acorn offers various stair lifts that truly fit on every staircase and provide a solution for almost every mobility restriction:


  • Stair lift for straight staircases (Acorn 130)
  • Stair lift for winding staircases (Acorn 180)
  • Stair lift for narrow staircases (Acorn Perch Stairlift)
  • Sitting/standing stair lift
  • Outdoor stair lift (Acorn 130)

The Acorn stair lifts are easy to install, safe and reliable (they come with two years’ factory warranty). All lifts come standard with a safety belt. Each lift has a handy rotating and folding chair and is also equipped with a foot- and armrest.


You will find that an Acorn chair lift is easy to operate. Each stair lift is equipped with a joystick on both armrests and can be moved up or down without making barely any sound, using the remote control. The lift is powered by maintenance-free, rechargeable batteries which provide direct current and continue running even in the event of a power outage. The batteries, limit sensorsand braking systems ensure a safe and stable ride quality.


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